Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January follow up

Oh wow it's already more than a month I wrote a blog post. Well I did spend lot's of time in January writing - end effect four stories in one series - a new one together around 2,5K and a stand alone story inspired by a necklace in internets. Hmm five stories in four weeks, that's a nice result.

I took a challenge on H/C LJ community to write a WC wee!kids fanfic by 13th March :) Yes, 13th is my favorite date. So I need to get an idea, I actually have two so it might be I will write both.

The story from my other series is bad, so it's waiting for re-write, but I have another idea in that series to write. My mind is working in interesting way, but I don't mind. It allowed me to also read my NaNo story and be completely blown away... well maybe not completely but I was surprised it's not so bad. It will be better, with time and edits and fixed plot and timeline, but overall it wasn't so very bad. It's salvageable, most of it and with few good ideas for plot continuum it will be even better than I think right now.

The bad thing is I love Scrivener and right now I need to wait a little while longer, only few days more to buy finally the full copy with 50% NaNo discount. Phew and then I can easily come back to writing.

So the writing plans are as follow:
1. H/C challenge story
2. 5th story in the Shades of Gray series
3. 4th story in Neal by any other name series
4. NaNo edits

Oh and I published my crossover story with SG-1/WC not bad, not bad at all. It will be one shot but maybe I should think about more crossovers or some kind of continuation. And I did that thanks to encouragement of my new Beta, I like having two betas - it gives me view from other side.

Well then writing plans done, it's time for PLOTTING!